1. What does the boy feel toward Crow? Give textual evidence to prove your

1. What does the boy feel toward Crow? Give textual evidence to prove your
2. How would you describe the boy named Crow?
3. What does the sandstorm represent? Give textual evidence to prove this.
4. Why does the boy in the story have to be the toughest 15-year-old in the
B. Among the figures of speech you’ve learned from the previous activity (metaphor,
simile, analogy, allusion, allegory), which of them are used in the excerpt The Boy
Named Crow? Extract the part that shows the figure of speech and then identify what
it means. The first one is done for you.​

Answer :

1.The boy feel toward crow that he’s a trustworthy person because eventhough he is the toughest boy,crow still assists him of what his plan up to and motivates him to take the path of running away.

2.When Kafka is scared or at a loss for words, he imagines “the boy called Crow” giving him advice. Crow is an imagined persona, representing a tougher, wiser version of Kafka himself. Kafka notes that the name “Kafka” is an alias he chose for himself in part because it means “crow” in Czech.

3.this storm is you. something inside of you, so all yiu can do is give into it”. The sandstorm represents that challeges is a necessity to live, it is driving force for us to either improve or worsen one’s self, it is just how you percieve it.

4.Crow tells Kafka throughout the novel that he must be “the toughest fifteen-year-old in the world” and thus motivates him to pursue the journey of running away from home. … This event is referred to in the novel as the “Rice Bowl Hill incident”


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