10. A digital photography used today for pets, animals or wildlife?

10. A digital photography used today for pets, animals or wildlife?
A. landscape/travel photography
B. portrait photography
C. wildlife photography
D. all of the above
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Answer :

C. Wildlife Photography

Explanation of Wildlife Photography

The field of photography known as “wildlife photography” focuses on recording various species of wildlife in the environments in which they are naturally found.

Photographers who specialize in wildlife often need expertise in fieldcraft in addition to their photographic training. For instance, some animals and birds are difficult to approach. As a result, it is necessary to know the behavior of the animal or bird to be able to forecast the actions that it will take. To photograph certain species, you may need to learn how to stalk them or utilize a hide or blind to conceal yourself.

Even though standard photography gear can be used to capture wildlife images and get good shots of certain animals, more specialized gear is necessary. For example, you need underwater cameras or macro lenses to get good shots of birds or marine life. On the other hand, photographing insects can be done with standard equipment. However, knowing animal behavior is essential to taking excellent photographs of wild animals.

The term “wildlife photography” refers to a sub-genre of nature photography that documents the lives of animals in the environments that are most natural to them, such as forests, oceans or even in the daily life of pets. Therefore, wildlife photography typically consists of shots of animals in motion or engaged in some activity, such as eating, fighting, or fleeing.

The images of wildlife that are the most compelling and engaging include aspects of portraiture, landscape, and action photography. The ability to record animal activity outdoors involves not just technical camera expertise but also a lot of patience and an understanding of the subject’s habitat and routines.

The use of photography has consistently been an important component of various conservation projects. People worldwide can connect with and learn about animals thanks to photographs and videos. This is especially true for people who may never have had the opportunity to see an elephant or a humpback whale in person throughout their lifetime.


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