1____ is a writting pattern of developing paragraph using detailed observation about the subject.

1____ is a writting pattern of developing paragraph using detailed observation about the subject.
2____are used in writting descriptive paragraph.
3____can be in a form of word, phrase or clause
4____description presents impartial and actual picture of the subjects without biases
5____ description gives the personal imoression of the writer

A. Objective
B. subjective
C. Description
D. Sensory language
E. Modifiers​

Answer :

A paragraph is composed of one or more sentences conveying a single idea. A paragraph is a section of a piece that deals with a single concept, idea, or theme. They are composed of the main idea and supporting details.


Here are the answers to your activity:

  1. C. Description
  2. D. Sensory Languages
  3. E. Modifiers
  4. Objective
  5. Subjective



The description provides details about the main idea. It tells or describes what, where, why, when, and how a certain idea happened. The author uses techniques for a smoother flow of description in paragraph writing.


Sensory Languages

Sensory languages are styles or techniques in a language where the author uses his knowledge to connect an audience to the senses. These senses are sight, touch, sight, smell, sound, and taste. With the use of sensory languages, the readers will be able to feel what the author wants to impart.



Modifiers are elements that improve or enhance the meaning of a clause or sentence. They can be in word form, phrases, or clauses that provide detail for an idea to be more engaging and specific. The most common type of modifiers is adverbs and adjectives.



It presents the picture or evidence of an idea without being biased to the other choices. These actions are based on careful observation and measures. Words that have vague meaning are not included in objective since a word can have multiple meanings such as the word set.



Subjective is influenced by other individuals, ideas, or elements. It may be based on their opinions, personalized experience, or feelings. It is often interpreted as belonging to the truth or reality than not dependent on the subject.


We have to keep in mind that in writing a paragraph, we need to know first who our audience is. We need to match the pace and style based on how interesting our paragraphs might sound to them. We also need to consider some communicative strategies for our essays, script, or even paragraphs to be more effective.


Paragraphs are very important in writing composition. They need to have coherence in ideas and thoughts. A good paragraph is key to having good composition. Every paragraph needs to be organized. They create compositions clearer and more concise. They attract readers to read more and get interested in the message that the author wants to write.


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