5 things you learned from society

5 things you learned from society
5 How did you learn them?
5 impact on you
5 Things you have contributed to society
5 How did you share them to the community
5 Impact on Society​

Answer :

What are the 5 things you learned from society?

  1. You must learn to work hard and as much as possible, work to achieve things on your own.
  2. You can trust no one, limit your trust to others.
  3. Learn to share your blessings and it will come back to you.
  4. Setting limits in interacting to other people can save you. Being too much open to someone can ruin you.
  5. Nothing is impossible if you trust God.

How Did I learn from them, what are there impacts?

Being too much open can lead you to destruction that is why we should set limits when becoming close and friends with other people. While we should always trust people around us as a sign of respect, trust should be limited. You should not always give your whole trust. Learn to work for things on your own and as much as possible prevent from getting help from other people because people will always have tendencies of asking things in return.


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