A group usually headed by a village headman.

A group usually headed by a village headman.
A. Nation

B. Chiefdom

C. Tribe

D. State​

Answer :

A group usually headed by a village headman is called: C. TRIBE


The option A. NATION is incorrect answer. Because a nation is a group of people who share a common identity and share a common language, ideology, culture, history, and goals. They are generally considered to have a common hereditary origin.


The option B. CHIEFDOM is incorrect answer. Because a chiefdom is a more complex form of sociopolitical organization than gangs and tribes, but not as complex as a state. In this system, there is one person or group of people who hold economic and political power over various communities.


The option D. STATE is incorrect answer. Because state and country are the same which means state. But more precisely, the state is a “part of country”.



Tribes is a group / class / category / community where members are connected to each other through any media, who have the same ideas and thoughts.

There are several important elements in a strong Tribes, namely:

  • Having a strong leader
  • Have an interesting idea
  • Have a unique way of communicating
  • Tribes will not run without a leader, while tribes leaders will not run without all members having the same thoughts and ways of communicating.


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