Acrostic poem using the word literature ​

Acrostic poem using the word literature ​

Answer :

Acrostic Poem: Literature

L- Literature can teach us about ourselves

I- Improves our communication skills like vocabulary, writing, and speaking.

T- Taught us about something in history.

E- Entertains readers and gives such knowledge and information

R- Reading literature could help us in reducing stress

A– Aiding in difficulty in sleeping

T- Thinking skills would be leveled-up, and it is advantageous for us

U- Using literature, we could reflect on good and bad values in our society

R- Reliefs us people in times of anxiety and stress, could be good for our brain if we have time to read it

E- Enjoy all the works of literature and this will encourage you to arts and creativity


What is the meaning of literature?

It pertains to a broad collection of works that are written. Also, it uses the expression in a form that is considered essential.

And it can be classified according to different systems, including language, historical period, genre, subject, and national origin. Literature can refer to works like creative imagination; examples are poetry, drama, fiction, novels, essays, nonfiction, and even journalism and songs.


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