Activity 3: Under Pressure

Activity 3: Under Pressure

Q.7 What did you observe in each bottle
Q.8 Explain your observation.
Q.9 What is the role of hot water in the setup?
Q.10 Do you have the same observation as in the softdrinks?
Q.11 Explain your answer.

Answer :


This activity aims to describe the effects of high temperature to the emission of Gas.


* Bottle A contains soft drinks

* Bottle B contains cooking oil

Q7. Hot-water scenario:

For the placement of the bottle in hot water, a sound is heard from both bottles followed by the rushing out of bubbles.

Cold-Water scenario:

There was also a sound heard in both the bottles placed in cold water but bottle A has more bubbles than bottle B.

Q8. Gas was being accumulated upon the varying of the temperature of the surroundings. It can be observed that there are more gas produced in both liquids when the surrounding temperature is higher than that of a colder temperature.

Q9. Hot water is the surrounding temperature of the liquid. The liquid is being heated due to heat transfer.

*Remember that heat transfers from a higher temperature to a colder temperature.

Upon contact of the bottles the hot water, heat is being transferred to the liquid inside the bottle thus, increases the temperature of the soda drink inside the bottle.

This can be observed when a hot magma underneath the ground passes through cracks the heat from the magma transfers to its surroundings and creates pressure which will only escape from the ground to the surface of the earth through fissures and cracks. As the pressure build up the greater will be the explosion to the surface of the lava.

Q10.  No.

Q11. The observation in the bottle of cooking oil is not the same as in the soda drinks.  This is because Cooking oil has a different Specific heat capacity (Cp) than that of the softdrinks.

*Specific heat is the amount of heat per unit mass required to raise the temperature by one degree Celsius.

If we will put the cooking oil in a higher temperature it would also evaporate and produce accumulated gas inside the bottle.


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