Best Teaching WordPress Topics for 2022

The introduction of your school’s website using an educated WordPress theme is no easy feat. Remember, your education website is more than just an online presence for your students and teachers.

It is important to consider hiring, raising money and achieving enrollment goals. A school’s or academic site must be simple manage and use. It should be simple for your IT team , and the teachers who don’t need to spend the same amount of time online.

If your institution is creating the first website on WordPress and you’re looking for the perfect theme for education. We’ll discuss the best education WordPress themes, and then help you pick the right theme for your institution:

How to Select the Perfect Education WordPress Theme for Your Site

  1. Think about your users first.
  2. Contact information should be easily accessible.
  3. Let your community shine.
  4. Pick a welcoming and simple design.
  5. Get the necessary information out first.
  6. Select the plugins you’ll need.
  7. Create a fundraising plan on your education website.
  8. Ask for feedback.
  9. Optimize for mobile devices.

The creation of a fantastic website for your school means that you’ll have to plan before searching for the ideal educational WordPress theme.

You might want to take in the websites of the other colleges and schools that are located near you. This will give you an idea of the kinds of functions and plugins you might require.

For instance, schools commonly use a calendar to discuss deadlines and events with parents and students.Read here At our site

Here are a few other ideas to help choose the right WordPress theme for your educational website.

1. Start by thinking about your user base first.

Every school has a lot of data to communicate and various audiences to appeal to. You’ll need to draw the attention of students or donors through your website, but the first thing to do should be to consider who will frequently use your site – typically students and their parents.

Begin with a clear structure to ensure that your home page makes crucial updates simple to locate. Be sure to limit the number of steps that your regular users must do to find the information they’re looking for.

If you haven’t built a website before, this guide to the user experience can help identify what you need to think about.

2. Make contact information easily accessible.

Every person on staff in a school serves an important job. Some are easier to find than others. When you’re creating your website ensure it’s easy to students, their partners also parents, to be able to contact every member of your team.

3. Your community should be highlighted.

Videos and photos are a simple way to share the uniqueness about your school to the world. Therefore, ensure that the educational WordPress theme you choose features plenty of space for photos and videos.

If you don’t already have lots of photos to share, contact your student body. User-generated content is a great way to add personality to your site. It can also bring members of your academic community a sense of pride and ownership.

4. Choose a friendly and simple style.

A WordPress theme should have a design which is in harmony with the school and its brand. Find out if you can alter your theme’s colors and select the design that your audience is comfortable with.

5. Share need-to-know information first.

It’s more that just a promotional tool , it’s a social center for your school. Students don’t have the best time sharing information from their teachers and school administrators with their parents.

Websites make it easy to share updates directly on:

  • School policies
  • Tuition
  • Supplies
  • Future field trips
  • Test dates
  • Assignments
  • Days off and breaks
  • Events for sport
  • Registration

6. Select the plugins you require.

The best education themes will incorporate the plugins that you require. WordPress plugins allow for easy access to and automatization of a range of operations run easily.

For example, you could like to add PDF forms on your website. This makes it easier and more secure for students to fill out paperwork as well as teachers to submit job applications.

When you are planning consider ways that you could streamline your school’s processes when your school goes digital.

7. Make a plan for fundraising on your education website.

The best education WordPress theme will not only be helpful to your school; it must also aid in building your future.

Fundraising for schools is a never-ending process. It’s also very complicated. Development teams need resources to pull in former students and alumni as well as those from the local area.

Do you wish to include an the possibility of an online store for school items? Enable online donations? You can also create a subdomain that is used for tracking a campaign’s fundraising?

As you pick your subject matter, ensure it comes with all the features you need to launch and maintain your efforts.

8. Get feedback.

If your school formed an advisory committee for the launch of the website you have created for your education, think about adding parents or alumni to the committee.

Gathering feedback from your customers may seem like a daunting task at first however it will reduce your institution’s time and money. The site you’re building is for an extensive community of parents children, students, teachers administrators as well as donors and other. You’ll need regularly and frequently for feedback to ensure that you’re on the right path.

9. Optimize for mobile.

71 71% of people who use mobile phones check your phones inside 10 minutes of getting up. This includes both your students and parents. That means that a mobile WordPress site is essential.

This responsive WordPress theme looks great across a variety of sizes and types of devices. That means that your customers will be spending more time on your site and gain greater value from it.

top educational WordPress Themes

WordPress is the ideal educational platform because it is cost-effective and just several hours.

But, educational websites need to have a custom feature and styles. It’s impossible to use a typical blog site for an educational institution because they won’t have the features you’ll need, like:

  • Secure form submission
  • Online payments
  • Plug-ins for Learning and Integrations

In order to facilitate the process to your institution, these are the top WordPress themes that can help you create an amazing educational website immediately.

This list includes both free and paid education WordPress themes to satisfy the needs of different types of educational institutions and schools. But this list isn’t for everyone.

If you’re in search of an academic WordPress theme to host your web-based courses, be sure to check this list. Explore this list if your looking for themes for elearning.

Many of these themes would serve those who are looking for a learning management software (LMS) as well. The list of themes for education is primarily designed to create an educational WordPress site for colleges, schools, and universities.

Free WordPress Education Themes

  1. Astra
  2. Ocean WP
  3. Neve

1. Astra

Ideal for: Schools who want to build a custom site

Why we like this school WordPress theme: This theme is versatile and simple to use even for beginners. It has a wide range of plugins and integrations that will make things easier for you. These plugins allow you are able to promote your website on social mediaplatforms, market products for charity, translate to other languages, and more without having to write code.

Other useful features:

  • Optimized for SEO
  • Unlimitless color and typography variation
  • Customizable and lightweight

2. Ocean WP

Best for: Schools who are looking to design a unique website.

Why this education WordPress theme is ideal for schools: This totally free WordPress theme comes with a variety of demo websites for schools and colleges in order to build websites. The menus and headers that can be customized options let you easily create a website that is unique and gives your site the style you want.

Other useful features:

  • Variety of page and blog templates.
  • Range of type and color settings
  • WooCommerce integration

3. Neve

Best for: Schools that are looking to design a unique site

We love this educational WordPress theme This is a sharp and easy-to-use WordPress theme for your educational website. It supports a variety of plugins and comes with great features to help you create an excellent website for your users.

You can start by using the free theme. When you’re looking to purchase something that is more educational, you can upgrade to an expensive theme.

Other features that are useful:

  • Seamless LMS integration
  • Sleek design
  • Support for quality