Cause and effect of unreliable health services​

Cause and effect of unreliable health services​

Answer :

Cause of unreliable health services:

1. Lack of knowledge

Putting someone who isn’t fit for the job would make the service unreliable. Lack of knowledge of choosing someone who has a lack of knowledge on the work makes is more unreliable. Therefore, higher-ups must be very knowledgeable in choosing to put the right person on the right position.

2. Lack of support

The administration of that health center must be not very supportive of the health workers. This may lead to a more relaxed and lazy workers that won’t care for the welfare of the patients.

3. Corruption/ Greed

Unreliable health services are being put up for the sake of money or personal profit. Its an easy money most especially if done for certain remote areas where people are not well informed of this kind of activity.

Effect of unreliable health services:

1. Danger to health and even life

Unreliable health services gives half-baked or even the opposite of proper treatments. This may cause a life-threatening effect to someone. It may danger one’s health because it doesn’t cure the disease instead it worsens the situation and symptoms.

2. Danger in the community

What if the disease is transferable and will not be cured properly? Then, this could become a problem for the community. It will danger the lives of the people living in that area which can affect the community’s economic position.

3. Creates more diseases

Improper processes done to cure sickness brings even more dangerous results. For example taking medications that consists of materials that is not compatible to a person’s body might create more disease which can be affect others also.


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