Compare and contrast these modern literary genres using the Venn diagram

Compare and contrast these modern literary genres using the Venn diagram


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→ You can see the Venn diagram in the picture below.

The fact that text talk books, forums, and hyper are all a part of contemporary literature and make use of the internet for access is one of their similarities.

A style of fictional writing or novel that is incredibly succinct. Hyper poetry is a subgenre of Text Tula, also referred to as a mobile phone. The name Tula is shortened to Tula. This kind of poem is an example of a tanaga, a style of Filipino poetry. For example, doodle fiction is a genre of literature where the book is typed to appear as though it has been handwritten, hyper poetry uses connections using hypertext mark-up, and text talk novels are dialogue that mimics social network exchange. Manga was a comic; vlog was an internet phenomenon that could illustrate what you were looking for.


  • Text-and-illustrated image-based narrative
  • An illustrated book
  • 50% of the story is told without using words.
  • To fully understand the story, the reader must interpret the pictures.
  • Traditional text presentation is used for the text segments.
  • There may be almost no text in some illustrated books.
  • Span every genre.

Narratives in comic book styles for graphic novels

∴ Visual novels

  • Comics are used in narrative works to reveal the plot to the reader.
  • The word is used broadly, including in nonfiction books, short stories with a similar theme, and fantasy stories of all kinds.

∴ Talking-Book Novels

  • Blog, email, and IM format narratives
  • Conversation-simulating tales that are almost usually told in conversation.


  • A web log is a database that regularly updates and contains short articles called posts.
  • While some blogs are published by a single person with their own opinions, convictions, and recollections, others are written by a range of people.

Hyper Poetry

  • Hypertext markup-based digital poetry called “Hyper Poetry”
  • It may have fixed sentences, sentences, paragraphs, and the like that are read in a random order but remain on the page in a manner similar to that of traditional poetry, or it may contain sections of the poem that move and/or change.
  • Although CD-ROM and floppy copies are also available, it is typically found online. The first references are from the middle of the 1980s.


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