Directions: Identify the sampling procedure used in each given situation. Give a

Directions: Identify the sampling procedure used in each given situation. Give a brief justification for your answer.
Sample Situation
1. Richard’s target population for his study is the
employees of hotels in Bataan. Since there are too
many employees in these establishments, he
randomly selected two (2) hotels and considered all
its employees as participants in his study.
2. Rina wants to know if the new learning
modalities in the semester affect the academic
performance of senior high school students. He
listed all students in her school and selected every
6th name to be part of her study..
3. Luis wants to survey all the parents in Bataan
who opt to enroll their senior high school children
to an online class. All in one there are 30 000
parents. Luis decided to have 450 from the target


1.) Sampling Procedure: Cluster Sampling

Justification: Since Richard is having a hard time because of the number of employees, he decided to divide the population to a clusters. In this case he randomly chooses 2 hotels(cluster) and considered all the employees(single-stage sampling) there as participants in his study.

2.) Sampling Procedure: Systematic Sampling


Every member of the population is listed with a number, but instead of randomly generating numbers, individuals are chosen at regular intervals(which in this case every 6th name on Rina’s list will be selected).

3.) Sampling proceduce: Simple Random Sampling

Justification: Since he randomly chose 450 from the target population. The individuals are chosen entirely by chance, and each member has an equal probability of being selected.


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