Eulogy speech about cut down trees

Eulogy speech about cut down trees

Answer :

Trees are living things that lived way back in the past, some of its species that dated back are still somewhere in earth but not all. Trees shouldn’t be viewed as just nature ornaments that just beautifies the world. It serves great purpose for living beings; it provides clean air; bears edible fruits; leaves for shade; and water inside the fruits.

What we humans do to Trees:

  1. Cut them down to make wooden furniture
  2. Clear forests to make way of skyscrapers and other buildings
  3. We burn to make use of the other products it brings
  4. Overall nature are defenseless against a human’s “innovative thinking”. It gives so much to us yet we don’t return the same.

Eulogy speech for Trees:

You lived in the past that no one would even remember, you could’ve just been a fossil yet you didn’t you thrived and lived to accept different climates that stood your way. And instead of giving up your life completely you left seeds and saplings for other generation to carry.

Some humans may not appreciate your inner beauty or even your presence itself, but when they do they will look at your leaves even to the ones that fell down and think that this thing is amazing. Those some of you who have fallen and suffered by just being a provider and a shelter in harsh storms or rain, we say thank you.

For the Trees may we:

  • Give back what they gave
  • Continue their life not destroy them
  • Appreciate and protect them


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