Example of culture is shared & contested​

Example of culture is shared & contested​

Answer :

Shared and contested culture sometimes happen because some of ethnicities living in the same country or region commonly have different cultures in areas such as language, fashion, religion, history, heritage,music and cuisine. This, Culture is the shared and contested prevalent in society.


What is the example of shared and contested culture?

An example is our two neighboring countries, namely Indonesia and Malaysia, two countries that are both located in the Southeast Asian region. Both Indonesia and Malaysia have the same lineage and come from the Malay family (race), so that some cultures between the two countries tend to be similar or even relatively the same. This of course can lead to situations where advantage and conflict are at the same time.

The advantage is the similarity of cultural backgrounds such as similar languages, similarity in fashion culture, food and religious diversity which is almost the same between the two countries, making communication and cooperation between the two countries easy. The two countries have very close relations and often help each other, especially in the economic and trade fields.

However, sharing this culture can also become a conflict where there will be a cultural contested, especially for cultures that are characteristic and national cultural heritage. Examples are batik and wayang kulit which had become a feud between the two countries. Mutual claims occur because the two countries want to maintain what they have as a characteristic of their nation.


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