Filtering or sieving

Filtering or sieving
1,flour from small pebbles=___?
2,monggo from baby powder=___?
3,milk from granted coconut=__?
4,dried tea leaves from hot water=___?
5,sand from water=___?
6,water from the faucet=___?
7,seeds from flour=___?
8,stones from water=___?
9,gasoline from marbles=___?
10,grind rice from pebbles=___?

paanswer ngayun please po

Answer :

Filtration is the process of separating solids from liquids.

Sieving is the process of separating two solids of different sizes.

1. Flour from small pebbles: sieving because flour and small pebbles are both solid objects with different sizes.

2. Monggo from baby powder: sieving because Monggo and baby powder are both solid objects of different sizes.

3. Milk form granted coconut: filtering because milk is a liquid while grated coconut is solid.

4. Dried tea leaves from hot water: filtering because hot water is a liquid while dried tea leaves are solid.

5. Sand from water: filtering because water is a liquid while sand is solid.

6. Water from the faucetfiltering because water is a liquid that moves through the faucet which is a solid object that usually has a filter to filter water.

7. Seeds from flour: sieving because seeds and flours are both solids of different sizes.

8. Stones from water: filtering because water is a liquid and stones are solids

9. Gasoline from marbles: filtering because gasoline is a liquid while marbles are solids

10. Grind rice from pebbles: sieving because grind rice and pebbles are both solid objects with different sizes.

Besides the examples above, we can distinguish whether it is a filtering or sieving process by looking at the two definitions above which have been mentioned above. If one of them is a liquid, then that is filtering. If the two are solids of different sizes, that is sieving.


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