How did you handle the changes in yourself?​

How did you handle the changes in yourself?​

Answer :

Sample to answer this Question:

Changes and meeting difficulties are part of our life. Change is the only thing in the world that never stops, it will continuously occur in different stages of our life, and it will happen in many various forms.  Many of these circumstances are still part of the change, even if it is the form of the physical aspect or the mental and cognitive part. Handling life changes can be complex, mainly if people suffering from a significant change in life are still determined to remain in the situation that cost them a difference.

When I handle life changes, I always look for positive and real scenarios wherein I don’t hesitate to think of a solution. I didn’t wait until changes in my life pass. I always make sure that when changes happen, I have ways to learn and reflect on these. I believe that changes occur in our lives not because it is just there, it occurs in our lives because this change is also a life lesson to us. The only matter here is how we respond and faces these changes. As a student, I knew I still had many things to prove and learn, but I would never let these changes affect me. One thing that I will do is embrace it and learn from it.


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