How lighter cameras contributed to the evolution of film making?​

How lighter cameras contributed to the evolution of film making?​

Answer :

Lighter cameras contributions:

  • Lighter weight made it easier for the cameraman to operate and control. Thus, giving more viable options for camera angles like Point-of-view and Birds-eye-view.
  • Less weight means more space for better features. For example, lenses with better light detection and absorption for capturing images with higher resolutions and more color or, more data storage.
  • Lighter cameras are more compact, thus, setting up a shoot indoor is less clustered giving more space to move around.


Additional Information

Celluloid films gave way to the development of lighter camera models.

  • It enabled a camera to capture photographs of a moving subject into the film using only a single camera.
  • Film making became financially possible with celluloid films because of its compact size and cheap cost. It is more durable than paper film and is easier to store.
  • Celluloid Films were easier to manage compared to paper films because of their transparency. Celluloid films do not crumple like paper and are match easier to roll. Thus, making it easier for early motion capture production.

Today, Celluloid films are obsolete in film making but films are still available to order for Hobbyists.

Sound contributions

  • It creates an emotional atmosphere for the viewer that helped in developing better storytelling and character development through of dialogues and music.
  • Made the movie feel more realistic and entertaining through audio perception.

Color contributions

  • Films became livelier and realistic, adding more beauty to the movie.
  • Emotions are conveyed better to the viewer through color psychology.
  • More creative designs were developed since the introduction of color to cameras.

CGI and VFX contributions

  • Visuals Effects that were expensive, dangerous, or impossible to produce physically were introduced through CGI. Some of these examples are the Exosuit of Iron-man, Towering creatures, collapsing buildings, and so on.
  • CGI and VFX helped in developing better props usage because of a technique were both props and CGI are used in creating convincing Visual Effects.


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