In what situations were the gods willing to help humans?

In what situations were the gods willing to help humans?


In what Situations were the Gods Willing to Help Humans?

The Greek Gods are willing to help humans when it serves their purpose.


The Gods of Greek Mythology think and behave exactly like humans, in fact, the only thing that separates them from the people they rule are their powers. They are capable of positive emotions like love and compassion but are also prone to anger, jealousy, immorality, and wrath.

Here are some examples of positive actions by the gods that helped humans:

  • When Zeus helped his son Perseus in his adventures by guiding him and providing him with weapons and armor.
  • The time when the Goddess Hermes helped Jason regain his faith in the gods.
  • The Goddess Hera also promised to help Jason in his quest for the golden fleece. Orpheus would not know what to do after Eurydice died if not for the Gods advising him after hearing his music.
  • When Zeus helped Danae the daughter of Acrisius the ruler of Argos.
  • Poseidon also guided Danae and Perseus’s wooden chest to the island of Serifos when they were thrown in the ocean by Acrisius.  

Certain behavioral facts about the Greek Gods:

  1. The Greek Gods are just like any other religion from the west, they are mostly narcissistic psychopaths who are dictators that care little about their subjects.
  2. They require constant praising to maintain any semblance of sanity and will throw a tantrum by way of widespread destruction or curse when it is not given.
  3. Although genuine goodwill through pity is sometimes given, most of the help was given by reasons of blood relations, sexual attraction or complete subjugation.


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