M=5, b=10 slope intercept form

M=5, b=10 slope intercept form

Answer :

y = 5x + 10

Step-by-step explanation:

Linear equation is a first degree polynomial in the following forms:

  • Standard form:  ax + by = c
  • General form:  ax + by + c = 0
  • Slope-intercept form:  y = mx + b  where m=slope and b=y-intercept

The slope m is the ratio of change in y to the change in x:

  • m = (y₂-y₁) / (x₂-x₁)  

The y-intercept b is the value on y-axis where the linear graph intersects the y-axis.


  • m = 5 (slope, also 5/1)
  • b = 10 (the y-intercept)

To write the equation in slope-intercept form y=mx+b, substitute the given values:

y = 5x + 10

To interpret the equation:

  • The line passes through y-axis at 10 and constantly increasing with slope of positive 5.
  • The slope 5 or 5/1 shows that for every 5 units going up (vertical) the y-axis, there is a 1 unit going to the right (horizontal) of x-axis.

Please click the picture below to see the graph for y = 5x + 10.


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