Metamorphic rocks are the starting points in the rock cycle. true or false ?

Metamorphic rocks are the starting points in the rock cycle. true or false ?

Answer :

The Rock Cycle

False. Rock are all intertwined forming a cycle of creation, change and destruction called, Rock CycleIt begins with a molten rock or magma that are found below the ground and as lava above the ground. It cools and hardens forming igneous rocks. Due to weathering and erosional forces, it breaks the original rock into smaller pieces. The smaller pieces, called sediments, is carried away by rivers, winds, glaciers and other means which then eventually deposited anywhere. As time passes, these sediments will be buried and hardened or lithified, thus, forming the sedimentary rocks.

3 Basic Types of Rock:

  1. Igneous Rock
  2. Sedimentary Rock
  3. Metamorphic Rock

Again, as time passes, these sedimentary rocks are buried deeper which is now subjected to heat and pressure causing it to change its structure forming a new structure over time, called metamorphic rock. Metamorphism is the process of heating the rocks turning it again into molten magma. And the cycle repeats.

However, it doesn’t mean that the cycle will always repeat:

  • There are instances where the igneous rocks is deeply buried and metamorphosed without undergoing sedimentary phase.
  • Or the sedimentary and metamorphic rocks will elevate and erode into sedimentary rocks.
  • It is also possible that the rocks will remain unchanged for longer periods of time.


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