Pa help po

Pa help po
Learning Task 1:
After reading the poem, answer the following questions. Write your answer in
your paper.
1. How are “islands” described in the poem?
2. What are the Filipinos doing for a living according to the poem? Do
you agree? Support your answer.
3. What is the cure for the ills of man according to the poem? Do you
agree? Support your answer.
4. Do you think it is our duty to be proud of being Filipino? Support your
5. Which Filipino trait or values described in the poem still hold true
today? Which ones have changed? Explain your answer.

answer :

  1. rippled with sun
  2. Yes I agree, they fight for their island even if it is occupied by foreigners.
  3. Country, City and Islands.
  4. Yes, because for me Filipinos is not just like ordinary people Filipinos are different in the other country people. Many foreigners have tried to take over/ occupy our country but the Filipinos did not give up just for the peace, freedom and tranquility of our country.Proud to be a Filipino.
  5. No matter what happens, nothing can stop the happiness and freedom of the Filipinos.


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