Processing Questions:

Processing Questions:
1. What were your considerations with your chosen option?
2. What are the things that helped you decide?
3. Are all your decisions good for you and others? How can you say so?​

Answer :

Decision-making is known as the analytical process that results in the

selection of a belief or a course of action from several possible alternative options or choices.


There are 5 Elements to remember in  Decision Making

1: Rationalize your problem

2: Set the Boundary conditions

3: Choose the right thing to do.

4: Do an Action

5: Make Feedback.

There are important and significant factors that influence decision-making.

1. Previous experiences

2. Various cognitive biases.

3. Escalation of commitment and sunk outcomes,

4. Individual differences, which includes age and socioeconomic level

5. Relevance to personal belief.

There are 2 types of consequences in decision making:

1. Immediate

2. Long Lasting

There are also internal factors the effect the others in the decision

making which includes attitude, emotions, and ethics

Values, goals, and priorities are the foundation upon which wise decisions are made.


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