Think of a time when you were a doormat.

Think of a time when you were a doormat.
What happened? ______________________.
What did you do? _____________________.
How did you feel? _____________________.
Now think of a better way to handle that situation in the future. Write a better response and practice it.

Answer :



doormat is a term used mostly for a woman that does what she was told just like that. With the urgency to please someone to be not defiant of what other wants you to do or to be. According to this given definition it is called a doormat because people walk over them, they allow people to treat them in such a way that it affects them.

Examples of a doormat person:

  1. That intern is always carrying coffee for other interns, even if it isn’t her job anymore.
  2. He usually let people call him names, without even a single reason.
  3. The girl in the corner, usually do the homework of other students and it just piles up everyday.


  • What happened?-I was usually called a loner, a introvert and my classmates often use it to their advantage.
  • What did you do?- At first I just let them be, but as the time goes by it became uncomfortable therefore I stood my ground.
  • How did you feel?- Those times I felt inferior to them, like they have a power over my thinking and movement.


Better way of handling it in the future:

  • Grow more confident
  • Learn to strengthen your thoughts and actions
  • Encourage yourself as a healthy self-reflection
  • Don’t give others the power over you


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