True or False: School health programs should only involve students.

True or False: School health programs should only involve students.

Answer :

School Health Programs

Why is it important and to whom is it for?

It is very important as it provides emergency care for any illness or injury that happens in the premises of the school. This can ensure that the students, teachers and other staff within the premises of the school to get the following assistance:

  1. Referral to health care providers
  2. Helps monitor and control any communicable diseases like chicken pox, dengue virus etc.
  3. Provides health care awareness and wellness topics
  4. They can serve as a medical resource in regard to the development of the school’s policies and procedures.

The purpose of School Health Programs is to create a healthful environment. These programs aid to promote the importance of health in every school and programs that can assist on removing barriers to students’ learning.

Here are some examples for school health programs:

School-Based Feeding Program

  • This was launched by the Department of Education in 1997. It is a breakfast feeding program that helps address short-term hunger for public school children.

Drug Education Campaign

  • This would be information about factual data with regard to substance abuse, warning signs of addiction and information about how alcohol or drugs affect the mind and the body.

Adolescent Reproductive Health Education Program

  • This would target the physical and emotional wellbeing of teenagers and also their ability to not engage and free from unwanted pregnancy or any kinds of sexual practices that could lead to violence.

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Program

  • This will help everyone to learn the importance of conserving water, proper waste disposal and personal hygiene. On this program, it teaches not only the children but also all the people who is working for the school like teachers and staff to practice self-discipline. For example, segregating biodegradable from non-biodegradable waste products.

Medical, Dental and Nursing Services

  • Providing various health services for medical, dental and health treatment to help maintain the health status of students and school personnel.

About the question, True or False: School health programs should only involve students.

My answer would be FALSE.

School health programs are not just limited to students but the entire personnel in the school premises. Their mission is to promote a healthy environment for our children and in order to do that, the people surrounding our children must also observe and maintain a healthy lifestyle and be a role model to our children.

These programs can help educate not only the children but as well as their parents and families. As there are activities that promotes awareness on different diseases, how to prevent and control the spread of such diseases.

In order for these programs to be effective, everybody must participate and help to achieve a common goal which is to have a healthy environment. It would be very useful as whatever information that we can learn from these programs can spread throughout the neighborhood that can definitely help make people aware of the situation of any outbreak that could affect their health in general.


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