What did you feel after eating the protein rich food​

What did you feel after eating the protein rich food​

Answer :

Protein will help you feel fuller for longer, and if you want to feel more relaxed during the day, protein shakes aren’t the only choice. There are many protein-rich foods that are simple to introduce into your diet and preferred recipes. Scientists have long understood that high-protein meals help people feel fuller better, but they have never been able to pinpoint why. Mu-opioid receptors (MORs) on nerves located in the walls of the portal vein – a major blood artery that pumps blood from the stomach – modulate the food you consume.

Food regulation is essentially the mechanism by which your body informs your brain that you have recently consumed something.

When these MORs in the portal vein are activated, they increase food consumption by asking the brain to consume more. When MORs are blocked or suppressed, the brain is triggered to reduce food intake, resulting in the dreaded “packed” sensation after a large meal.

MORs are also found in the neurons that line the walls of portal veins in humans, so eating a lot of protein can help you feel whole. Make protein a part of any meal to take advantage of your body’s food modulation reaction to proteins.

Food modulation takes time, because there is a normal lag between the time you begin feeding and the time your brain detects that you are finished.


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