What is my philosophy in life?

What is my philosophy in life?

Answer :

My philosophy about life:

Never trust too much on quotes… They are not the main dish. Too much of those things might ruin your life.

Always do what makes you feel great. If u don’t do what u love u should love what you do. If u fail to understand this then u r like a dog that chases every car, you you will eventually end up getting lost somewhere.

It’s easy to advise but difficult to follow. This doesn’t mean that u can’t suggest to someone a good way to do things, but it should have a proper limit.

Never do anything for money. Of course, money is important but u should know what u are doing, Else it ll destroy humanity in u.

Think before hurting someone. If they really deserve it then u can. Cos ppl ll take u for granted if u follow ahimsa. Never hurt people who don’t deserve it, cos they may end up having the worst day!

Fall in love with someone who makes u feel like you you’ve got wings, like those u belive u get after drinking Redbull. But the most important thing is there should be no complications in life cos that particular person is also a free individual who has his/her own way of looking at things. If u feel u like getting wings approach in a proper way without any expectations. If it turns out well ok else you ll meet someone else who ll make u feel special. Don’t compel anyone!

Love your parents and siblings. They are the only people who are with you all the time, no matter what you do. Especially parents… They should be treated like God’s, without them we r nothing. This doesn’t mean that u should do what they want u to do. Everyone is a free individual, but if it comes to family integrity is important. So just explain things, they ll understand if they love u truly. Every parent loves their children, but there are some exceptional cases. In that case, you should be really diplomatic till u become an independent individual. The most important thing is to take care of your parent’s when they grow old, some ppl don’t give a thought about this. Loneliness is the worst thing, that too at old age. Respect, be responsible.

Enjoy life whenever u get a chance. Ther is no rule tat u should enjoy in the 20s, u should be serious till 40-50 and get into a relationship with diseases after your 50s(just Assuming) and regretting the things u missed. Why I say this because you live only once on this big planet with so many beautiful things on it, small happy moments could bring a big smile when u think about it after years. Do small unnecessary things, Roam around, Laugh well, Be cool like bugs bunny!

Never judge yourself and others. Judging ppl is a strong foundation for all miseries. If the foundation is strong u ll eventually end up building skyscrapers of problems.

Never assume something. If it’s really important, try to explore and know about it.

Always remember, the possibilities are endless. Keep working towards your dream and don’t get worried about the way life is moving, time ll answer you.

Believe in God but don’t support the falseness that goes around in the name of religion. There is only one God and one religion (earthlings). Everything created by God is a form of God if u believe in God. God is like a neutron in an atom.

Don’t trust everyone. Just be sensible with that…

Learn from your experiences, that is really important.

Well, you see if a person starts thinking and writing about the philosophy of life it keeps ongoing… It’s a big ocean…you will end up writing a book of at least 100 pages. Just do whatever it takes to improve this planet and save it from fools who think their ego is too important than other living beings.

I feel great that you invested your valuable time to read this!!


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