“what is the first computer virus in the philippines”​

“what is the first computer virus in the philippines”​

Answer :

A computer virus is a computer program that can replicate or copy itself and spread by inserting itself into other programs or documents. Computer viruses according to the biology of viruses that spread embedded in living cells. Computer viruses can be destructive (such as corrupting data in documents) can be annoying to computer users, or have no effect at all.

The ILOVEYOU virus was first detected on May 4, 2000. Onel de Guzman and Reomel Ramones are Filipinos, the brains of this shocking virus. In early 2000, the ILoveYou virus attacked 45 million people in just one day. In addition, ILoveYou caused losses of up to $5.5 billion. This is an impressive amount of damage caused by the virus. This virus is spread via email with the subject ILOVE YOU and followed by the attachment Love-Letter-For-You.TXT.vbs. When the user opens the “ILOVEYOU” link, the virus automatically attacks JPEG, MP3, and other data receiving formats. Messages are also sent directly to all Microsoft Outlook recipient contacts.

In fact, at that time Microsoft Outlook was being used by companies all over the world, so it is undeniable that this virus spread quickly. Worse, all information about e-mail taken from the computer’s address book, such as usernames and passwords will be sent to the address of the author of the virus.

Before the ILOVEYOU virus, there was the Melissa virus to be precise in 1999. The Melissa Virus attacked through documents sent via email. Messages like “This is the document you requested, don’t show it to anyone else.” Once the link is activated this virus will replicate itself automatically and send the same message to 50 recipients’ email contacts. But this virus is not made by Filipinos.


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