What is the introduction,body and conclusion of cyber bullying?

What is the introduction,body and conclusion of cyber bullying?

Answer :



Bullies are always around and it is a serious matter, but due to the advent of technology, it can now be a new platform for this actions. Parents must be aware of the signs of cyber bullying and effects it’s because it can lead to embarrassing effect,  anxiety, depression and higher risk for suicidal thoughts, attempts and completed suicide.


Cyber bulling is the use of internet, interactive and digital technologies or mobile phones to bully a person by sending an intimidating, threatening, harassing, embarrassing or target another person. Cyber bullying can be easily identified – It can occur through post, emails, instant messages, text or tweet. Others are the response to a status update on Facebook, twitter or Instagram that is harsh, mean, or cruel. Other acts can be considered as cyberbullying which is not obvious are posting private photos, videos and personal information that can harass or hurt another person. But most of the cyberbullied teenagers don’t want to tell it to their parents or teachers, maybe they feel ashamed or the fear that the privileges for using those technologies will be taken away to them. That is why parents must be aware those signs.

These are the following:

• Families, friends and activities withdrawal

• Emotionally upset

• Being very secretive in one’s digital life

• Frequently absent in school

• Mood, sleep, behavior and appetite disorder

• Nervousness when getting an instant message over social media

• Prevent discussions about computer and cellphone activities.

Cyber bullying can embarrass on its target person because it can result to feeling of shame and it is accompanied by fear and confusion.  It is a fear of what other’s may be thinking about you and how other’s may judge you negatively for what you have done or not done. If the person was frequently embarrassed it will lead to complex post-traumatic stress disorder and it may lead to depression and other stress related disorders, it will manifest in the company of fear, shame and guilt. The victim can experience symptoms of depression including sadness, loneliness, insecurity, poor self-esteem, academic decline, feeling of not belonging, societal thoughts and behavior. If these feelings worsen it may lead to suicidal. There is a strong link between cyber bullying and suicide, these can be observed if the person loose it’s interest in favorite activities, talking or showing interest in death, saying goodbye and saying to people.


Parents who can observed a serious problem in cyber bullying should talk to school authorities about it and perhaps arrange a meeting with a bully’s parents. therefore, schools and parent’s must help each other to prevent this problem because cyber bullying can lead to embarrassing effect on the target person, anxiety, depression and other stress related disorders and most of all other higher risk for suicidal thoughts, attempts and completed suicide.


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