What specialized structure is common to rose and bougainvillea​

What specialized structure is common to rose and bougainvillea​

Answer :

The special structure for roses and bougainvillea is the thorns.
A special structure common to roses and bougainvillea is their THORNS.

tiny structures, or thorns, technically called pr1ckles are found on the stems of the rose pl4nt. This ice pr1ckl exists as protection from insects and animals that will devour the rose. In bougainvillea, they actually have a modified stem section. like roses, the thorns in bougainvillea are there for protection and security. The bougainvillea flowers are located at the base of the pl4nt’s leaves. Both the thorns and pr1ckles are sharp, and can easily pierce or cru’sh the skin of anyone who touches them.

The characteristic of roses is that there are sharp thorns on the stem. With smooth skin on the stem and can reproduce by cuttings. Roses will produce fruit called Rose Hips. Where each will produce a single fruit. The same as bougainvillea also has a special characteristic that is hard and branched stems have sharp spines. Usually this bougainvillea stem has a height of about 5 to 15 meters. The leaves are single leaves that are stemmed and opposite, round or elliptical in shape with a tapered leaf tip on the same side.


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