Which countries did the person in the selection visit?

Which countries did the person in the selection visit?
What ar some of international food mentioned in the story?where they originate?
Why do you think the person in the selection misses things from the philippines?
What do you think “the pinoy” in the selection will chose to eat with his kababayan rather than in an expensive restauran?

Answer :


In the selection, Where’s the Patis, some of the countries the author mentioned were Hong Kong, Tokyo, London, Paris.

Some international food mentioned were:  

  • Scotland’s pink salmon
  • Golden English Herring
  • France’s anchovies
  • Belgium’s green salad
  • Italy’s pasta
  • Russia’s caviar on ice

I think the Filipino in the story misses Filipino food so much because even though he was in a high-end European restaurant, he kept on comparing these food to Filipino dishes like sinigang, tapa, etc.

I think the Pinoy would eat with his kababayan, totally. Because he misses his homeland so bad and what could ease that is eating with a fellow kababayan or I think at least eat somewhere with Filipino dishes because as he mentioned, no matter how much he tried it is the Filipino food that cannot be replaced no matter where he goes.


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